TaTe Diamonds – a Namibian diamond company specialized in Namibian rough

Armed with degrees in Economics and Commerce and an MBA – specialized in Strategic Planning & Business Development, taShi Shiimi-ya-Shiimi is an executive, possessing many years of global experience in Information Technology and Strategic Management.


As Managing Director of TaTe, his primary focus is centered on growing and diversifying TaTe Group’s portfolio. The company’s current holdings span a wide array of industries and include interests in the following sectors like Diamond: Rough Trading & Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Information Technology and Real Estate.


In this interview with Rough&Polished, taShi Shiimi-ya-Shiimi spells out his goals for TaTe Diamonds, which he aims to grow into a fully integrated organisation, right from mining to retail.https://www.rough-polished.com/en/exclusive/116957.html